2nd post

Dear Blog

Needed a few days to recover from a kidney infection, I have kidney stones and they are painful,  had them before in 2006.  I’m getting sky tv next week for an amazing deal.  Been on twitter now got an account which is cool been seeing what the world is up to.  Toy Story 3 due out soon i so need tickets to see it.

I have been of work now for about 4 weeks and extremely bored.  watched a bit of telly played Xbox 360 and PS3 games but bored shit less now.  Only seeing a few folk a week mainly family.

As I have been of I have been in and out of doc’s and hospitals. Which is not fun I tell you.  Well did my mum not go and steal my thunder last night she got an ambulance to hospital as she took unwell.  It turns out she may have had a very mild stroke she gets full test tomorrow at 11 am.  Not a funny thing to deal with. I hope that she will be ok and not have any problems she does not need it.

So far that is what has happened will keep you informed over the next few days.


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